Home Recording – How Computer Literate Do I Need To Be?

computer frustration pictureIn order to take full advantage of the massive technology advantages available in the world of home recording, we have to accept that we’ll be working with computers.

It has been our going-in assumption that pretty much anybody and everybody these days is computer literate, by which I mean familiar with and adept at the basic user commands in today’s consumer computers.  That’s what I consider to be about where someone needs to be in their “comfortable-ness” with computers in or to really get into home audio recording.  You surely do not need to be any kind of computer geek or programmer or anything approaching that level.  But the fact is there are still lots and lots of people out there, very smart and capable people, who are uncomfortable with or even intimidated by computers.

We’ve been blithely talking about how easy, inexpensive, yet powerful home recording is now, assuming a level of computer literacy that may not be reflective of reality (a fancy way of saying “wrong”).  We received a comment on a blog post yesterday that basically said:

I’m a musician and really into harmony, and would love to do what you are doing with the harmony recording, but I am computer illiterate and feel like I don’t understand what to do in order to get involved.

Well that was an eye-opener.  So in response, we plan to publish more articles and guides geared toward the folks who are, as they call themselves, more computer illiterate than the average joe.  This content will attempt to provide the minimum computer literacy needed to at least do the cool audio recording stuff.

Thanks to the Home Brew Audio readers for opening our eyes to this bias we’ve had!  We hear you and hereby commit to make this magic world of home recording available and practical for ALL our readers.



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