IK Multimedia introduces iKlip and iKlip MINI

From IK Multimedia, the makers of such cool home recording products as the iRig Mic and the iKlip  (tablet holders for mic stands now also have the iKlip MINI.  This lets you clip iPhones and Android phones to mic stands as well.

IK Multimedia introduces iKlip™ MINI
The universal microphone stand adapter for iPhone® and iPod touch®

iKlip MINI is made of sturdy, durable thermoplastic and is compatible with every existing iPhone and iPod touch, from the original models to the latest generation devices.

iKlip MINI firmly holds the device in place in both horizontal and vertical positions, and its multi-angle adjustable design allows for optimal viewing and accessibility to all controls, buttons, connection ports and camera free from obstruction.

It can also be easily rotated from portrait to landscape position by simply loosening or tightening a knob with no need for additional tools. It can be mounted on the vertical pole of a mic stand as well as on its horizontal boom.

Users of another popular IK Multimedia mobile device accessory, iRig, can use their guitar interface adapter with the iKlip MINI with the included detachable bracket support. This makes iKlip MINI the perfect accessory for the AmpliTube range of apps or any other guitar effects app.

Other apps for mobile devices can also benefit from the iKlip MINI’s support for floor or tabletop mic stands including karaoke, score and tablature, DJ, recording, mixing, video, photography, teleprompting and many more.

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