Learn Home Recording On a Budget

Learn home recording on a SERIOUS budget at Home Brew Audio! How about starting with a budget of $0-$5?

So how can Home Brew Audio help you?

– We can give you the knowledge you need to make a living recording and producing audio from home.

– That knowledge can then be used to make a living not just as a voice-over actor, but doing ANYTHING that requires this skill-set, like becoming a record/CD producer, starting your own music/record label, starting your own recording studio, audio content provider, movie score composer, etc.  The list is huge!

– We can teach all of these skills without requiring you to buy expensive…or ANY gear, assuming you have a computer with a sound card, an internet connection, and a microphone.  In fact our first set of tutorial videos assumes a “$0-to-$5 gear budget,” depending on whether you have a microphone already or not!

– We also provide advice on recording equipment choices; access to huge libraries of audio content such as music loops, sound effects and royalty-free music; and provide you with continuously updated advice and information on how to apply your skills to earn money.


Do we offer you a free-lunch?  Nope.  Remember that second secret I mentioned above?  As with anything worth doing, it takes effort.  But the rewards can be life-changing.  They were for me.

Who will benefit from our offer?  Anyone who is serious about working from home, working for themselves, and willing to put in the effort.

Do I have to be good at technical stuff to learn audio?  Not at all!  I am not a “tech” person.  And it is BECAUSE of that that my teaching style in the HBA tutorials is geared toward regular people.  The skills are NOT hard, they just come across that way when engineers and tech folks try to teach it.

Do I have to become a member of Home Brew Audio?  No.  We offer tutorials and other audio products.  If you’re a fan of “try-before-you-buy” of just like immediate gratification, there’s something at Home Brew Audio for you.  But I have to say that if you do become a member, and put in the time to learn, you’ll be thankful in the end!

If you’re currently unemployed, or if you’re ready to stop working a dead-end, Monday through Friday, 8-5 job; and you have a computer with an internet connection, click in the banner below for some free videos to get started.

Free videos from “The Newbies Guide to Audio Recording Awesomeness”

These video tutorials show you step-by-step, in plain language how to record multi-track audio in Audacity AND Reaper software.

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