Getting Your Recordings on iTunes

In this day and age (specifically October 27th, Digital Age I guess:)), if you want to sell the audio you produce on your home recording studio, it is a pretty good…no scratch that…a VERY good (as in mandatory really) to make those recordings available on iTunes.

If you sell CDs, as in actual hard-product disk-in-a-case kind of thing, getting that music or spoken-word product onto iTunes is pretty easy right now.  I personally generate more income from my CDs via iTunes than any other way.  I make it easy on myself and simply put all my albums on CD Baby.  Then they take care of the rest, like getting the album on iTunes, as well as most other digital music distribution services such as Spotify (!).

Here is an article on talking some specifics other than the CD Baby route to getting your sale-able audio onto iTunes:

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