Egg Cartons As Sound Treatment?

I remember as a kid going to a friend’s house, and his dad had converted their garage into a music studio of sorts.  It was mostly a jam space for rock and roll.  But the thing I recall most is that the walls were covered with egg cartons.  They told me it was for sound-proofing.  Who was I to question it.  For years I thought you could do sound treatment with egg cartons.  Luckily I never spent time or effort trying to acquire cartons and do this myself!  I might have thought I could build a sound-proof closet-come-vocal booth for doing auditions and other recording for voice over jobs…or worse.  I could have decided I needed to cover every square inch of a garage!  Shudder.

Here’s an article discussing the efficacy of egg-carton sound-proofing: orignal article

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