Alesis VideoTrack Handheld Audio and Video Recorder

Alesis VideoTrack

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80% OFF!The Alesis VideoTrack Handheld Audio and Video Recorder (note – sadly this item is no longer available. Probably the closest match for this product is the Zoom Q2HD) is 80% off the normal price of $199 until supplies last – with free shipping.

This means you can get one of these for $29 – and did I mention free shipping?

What’s so great about the VideoTrack?  Well the biggest problem with most video these days is not the video quality itself, but the quality of the audio on the video.  With the VideoTrack, you get high-quality stereo condenser microphones so you can have both excellent video AND audio.

The VideoTrack uses standard SD/SDHC flash memory cards and has a USB port for easy connection to your computer, making it easy to rapidly upload your videos to social media websites such as Facebook and YouTube.

$29.00 for this recorder is an amazing deal.

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  1. Hi Ken,
    I am seriously interested in getting the Alesis video recorder based on your recommendation. It would be perfect for me, a beginner and technically challenged. But when I read the mixed reviews, I became hesitant to order. Question, have you used the recorder yourself? On what basis is your recommendation so solid? Some of the reviews were not so favorable. I would appreciate your feedback,
    Thank you so much, Ute

    1. HI Ute. Thanks for the excellent questions. First it should be pointed out that of the 5 reviews, only one was bad and that person wrote a bit of a ridiculous review, in my opinion. Of the 4 other reviews 3 of them were 4/5 stars and 1 was 5/5. 1 hater in a group so small can makes things look worse than they are.

      Secondly, I base my my strong recommendation on three things: my sure and certain knowledge that most consumer video recorders produce terrible audio, the reputation of Alesis, and the B&H price versus the current price at both Sweetwater ($149) and Zzounds ($99). I checked these just seconds ago (Nov 28th, 2011). $43 dollars is truly an amazing price for this recorder. I do not personally own this item, mainly because I already have a competitor’s version of this product, the Zoom Q3 Handy Recorder (that is also on sale at B&H for $99 until tomorrow, BTW). I hope that helps!


      BTW – There are 23 reviews for the Q3 on the B&H site with an average rating of 4/5 stars.


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