Can You Get Pro Audio With Nothing But Free Software?

So it turns out not everyone can afford expensive software for recording.  Maybe they had one decent microphone, maybe a USB mic to plug into their totally regular computer, but no more money left over to go to a recording studio or to purchase expensive software (not to mention expensive hardware) to record and then create something really awesome.  

Is it possible to still come up with something professional sounding using only free recording software and plug-ins?

If you are asking me, the answer is “yes.”  But there are some qualifiers.  

As with many things, it is going to take you longer to get good results than it would if you were able to afford the paid versions of software and plugins.  

It’s the whole trading time for money thing and vice versa.  Also, if you have some basic knowledge of audio recording, you will be more likely to achieve good results.  

Luckily that knowledge not terribly difficult (at least it doesn’t HAVE to be) and is something you can get from tutorials like our Newbies Guide to Audio Recording Awesomeness.

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