The New IK Multimedia iKlip Studio iPad Stand

IK Multimedia, maker of cool music tools to iOS in addition to their awesome software line, just announced the release of another practical tool – the iKlip Studio.  This is a stand for the iPad that sets on a horizontal surface like a table or desk.  This is the 3rd in their “iKlip” series.  The original iKlip was to allow you to attach your iPad to a microphone stand, which is cool for reading lyrics or scrips, as well as using it on stage for controlling any number of live performance tools for iOS.  Next came the iKlip mini, which is the same thing as the iKlip except it’s for the iPhone or iPod touch.

The iKlip Studio  is different in that it isn’t for a mic stand but instead designed to prop your iPad up while sitting on a table or desk.  This is especially useful when using the iPad music apps that require you to do a lot of tapping and stabbing, like beat-pads, synthesizers or other controllers.  The stand will adjust to whatever angle you need while still allowing a firm hold and a bit of give simultaneously. It has rubber feet to grip the surface it sits on.  It also has a support tray that will fit an iPad of any generation.

It sounds simple but it really is a blessing.  If your workstation has a fairly high desk, having to do a lot of work on a totally flat surface can be a huge pain.  In fact sometimes, as in the case of one keyboard I’ve worked with, it often requires me to stand up just so I can see the displays.  I REALLY wish there were a stand like this for that particular device.  Oh well.  You can’t have everything.

This thing will be $29.99 and will be available, according to IK Multimedia, in Q1 2012.  AS I mentioned earlier, pre-orders are already available from B&H here: iKlip Studio Pre Order.



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