We Teach Home Recording, Not “How To Use Audacity or Reaper”

Our primary mission at Home Brew Audio is to teach home recording concepts and skills that can then be used with any recording system or software.  It just so happens that you can start this journey with free recording software called Audacity.

In order to demonstrate how little money it takes to get up and running with your new home studio (FREE…for most people!), our first several tutorials are done using Audacity.

I then introduce Reaper software, which has many more capabilities, especially for musicians. In fact I have used Reaper to record over a dozen full albums. It’s that good. But again, for all its professional capabilities, you can start using the full version of it for free for 60 days. And if that isn’t long enough, they let you use it for longer. And even then, you can get a personal license (meaning you aren’t making $20K per year using it) for $60.

Concepts are universal

But the concepts and techniques I teach are transferable to any audio software with very little translation.  So once you learn the concepts, it will just be a matter of locating where the different controls are in the different programs. 

The more advanced technique tutorials will use Reaper and Adobe Audition instead, due to the limits of Audacity.

I felt I should make this clear since there are several folks out there uploading tutorial videos on “how to use Audacity,” and I wanted to make it clear that Home Brew Audio is all about producing professional audio from home no matter what program is used.

Free videos from “The Newbies Guide to Audio Recording Awesomeness”

These video tutorials show you step-by-step, in plain language how to record multi-track audio in Audacity AND Reaper software.

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