SE Electronics sE X1 Project Studio Bundle

The following is a guest post from Steven Williams.

The sE Electronics X1 Bundle is an affordable complete recording solution for vocalists, acoustic guitarists, strings etc. This combination consists of the award winning sE X1 large diaphragm condenser microphone and sE Project Studio Reflexion Filter to ensure only the highest quality recording yet maintaining a cheap price tag.

I’ll start by looking at the large sE X1 microphone, and at first glance you may not find anythingse-x1 Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic differentiating features from a standard large diaphragm condenser microphone. But when you look a little deeper all is clear, the X1 has a cardioid response pattern ranging from 20Hz-20KHz which is more than you could even use. It also has a pad 10dB switch, along with a low frequency roll-off switch. Perhaps the most noticeable feature of a mic at this price is its black rubber finish, which comes with several advantages. Not only does it look and feel nice but it makes the mic less visible in well-lit environments e.g. on stage. But most importantly it reduces the resonance on its chassis; yes black rubber is that important!

sE Electronics Project Studio Relexion FilterThe Project Studio Reflexion Filter is in many ways similar to the X1 in the sense that it has features way above its price point. Its patented Reflexion filter design essentially acts as a vocal booth. It works by isolating the microphone from the room by a barrier that is acoustically non-reflective. This isn’t exactly ground breaking stuff but what separates the RF from its competitors is its multi-layer design that stops it from adding its own flavour to its recording. Its lined polyester fiberboard has amazing absorption properties, which is far greater than foam alternatives.

Though this bundle does not come with one, I highly recommend adding a pop-filter, which removes unwanted plosives (the little blasts of air made when pronouncing ‘B’ and ‘P’). Not only are they unwanted but can actually overload the sensitivity of the microphone and ruin the recording.  sE Electronics has a couple to choose from: the metal pop filter or their dual professional pop screen.

sE Electronic Dual Professional Pop ScreenThey’re both great products individually but together they create an ultra-affordable bundle that rivals even the most expensive mics found in professional studios. In fact in a blind listening test consisting of mics well above its price range. As you’d guess the sE X1 finished outright winner, and it hardly lacks credibility as the test it was carried out by professional UK producers, sound engineers and recording technology press. I’ll leave on that very high praise indeed.

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