Now Available: Zoom iQ6 Stereo Mic Newer iOS Devices

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Ken Theriot

On August 28th I wrote a post about brand new recording gear at B&H - Brand New Audio Gear at B&H – Shhhh! At the time, one of the exciting new items was available only for pre-order and was not in stock. But today it is!

The item I am talking about is the Zoom iQ6 Stereo X/Y Microphone for iOS devices with lightning connectors.  This means it works with the iPhone 5 and newer, and iPads Mini and 4th generation or newer. The earlier iOS devices used a 30-pin connector.

So what is this iQ6 thing? It's a stereo microphone, so it has two capsules, as you can see in the picture. And they are arranged in what is called the "X/Y" stereo configuration (you can choose between 90 or 120 degrees). These are the same mics found in the Zoom H4n stand-alone recorder. You just stick it into your device's lightning connector and just like that, you have a high quality, portable, stereo recorder.

It works with Zoom's Handy Recorder app. But it also works with pretty much any other audio recording app on your device.

It has a gain dial on the front and a level meter so you can see how much signal you are recording and can adjust the dial to make sure you have enough while still avoiding overloading it. It costs $99.00, which is an awesome price. CLICK HERE to find out all the details and/or to buy one of your own!


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