Sing Harmony With Yourself Using Voice Recording Software

Many of you are here because you saw the video of me singing Crosby, Stills and Nash’s Helplessly Hoping
…all 3 parts! If you haven’t seen the video, and listen to a few other harmony demos, here:

Record Yourself Singing Harmony

To find out how to start doing this yourself, see the post here:

If you want to learn how to sing harmony (as opposed to just record it), you should definitely check out Their method of teaching you how to sing harmony is incredible and anyone can do it. Their motto is “The world’s easiest method for learning to sing in harmony,” and I believe it’s right on the money! They use something called “parts-predominant” recordings. That means that the part you want to learn is in one speaker (or ear bud, headphone, etc.) while ALL the other parts (minus the one you’re learning) are in the other speaker channel. So if you listen with the balance turned all the way to the side with your part, all you hear is the part you want to learn. Then as you gain confidence, you start adjusting the balance back toward the center and the other parts will sing with you quietly as you sing along with your part. Continue until you get to the opposite side, and you’ll be holding your part all by yourself against (well, WITH really;)) all the OTHER parts. Check it out here:



Sing Harmony With Yourself – Learn How to Record Your Voice on Your PC and Sing Along With It!


  1. Allen Paulson says

    Thank you Ken for doing what you do. I have been waiting for years lost in the dark about recording, and now your making my dreams come true. Thank you.


  2. says

    Thanks Allen! Wow, it’s feedback like that that really makes me feel great! And it also validates exactly what I’m trying to do – make professional recording available and easy for anyone to understand. Do you mind if I use your quote as a testimonial?

    Thanks again!!


  3. Julia says

    do you have to have a microphone to record a voice or can you just sing in front of you computer? If you have to have a microphone what stores would you suggest getting it from for very cheap? I have a microphone but its to a karaoke machine and doesnt fit into my computer.
    Thank you!

  4. says


    You definitely need a microphone of some type. For cheap, I recommend a $49 mic called the Samson Q1U USB mic, or other USB mic. You can get one of these either on line at any number of stores, like B&H or Sweetwater. For brick & mortar stores, you can find these at Guitar Center, or Sam Ashe, or other music instrument stores, even some Best Buy stores.

    Good luck.


  5. Roger Cotter says

    That was an absolutely awesome video Ken. Thanks for posting, and for the fabulous tips and other info on your website. Now — I must finish this and have another listen to your recording — it’s a treat to the ears! :)

    All the best,

  6. Seamus says


    You’ve ‘nailed’ this songs….done very well. And your webpage with the harmony parts is very helpful. Couldn’t be better.
    Thank you for your considerable efforts & talents.

  7. Chris Mullin says

    Bravo! You are obviously a very talented person, a player, singer and recording engineering. Well done.

    I am truly inexperienced in the recording world and I was surprised to see that you were not wearing headphones. Did you have the monitors on while you were singing each part? Wouldn’t the mic pick up the ‘play back’ as well as the ‘live’ sound?

    Thanks for all the information and details that you have provided.


  8. says

    Thanks Chris! And yes, you are VERY correct and observant. Maybe I’ll start telling people it was a test:). When overdubbing you do need headphones so the speaker sound does not get recorded along with the overdub. But in this case I did it sort of like they do music videos. I recorded all my parts with headphones first. Then I filmed myself singing all the parts while I was listening to the speakers. Only the video camera was recording that. Then I removed the audio tracks of all those videos in Vegas (my video editor), and put the recorded audio with all the guitar and harmony parts in as the audio track for the whole video.

    And you’re very welcome for all the information. That’s why I’m here:).



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