Audio Recording – Punching In And Out With A Footswitch

I recently wrote a 2-part article on fixing mistakes while recording (Quickly Fix Audio Recording Mistakes by Overdubbing), but not using the traditional punch-in/punch-out method. Punching where you set a point just before your mistake, and automatically (used to be an engineer doing it manually in the old days) the software starts recording over the mistake and continues recording on the same track,or punching out after the mistake if “patching” the mistake in an already-recorded track.

Rather than punch recording, I like to use a second track instead, basically overdubbing to fix my mistakes, especially when recording acoustic guitar. I like to preserve the original recording as much as possible and retain as much control as possible in the fix. I’m being medicated for this. Anyway…

Joe Gilder, from Home Studio Corner, explains in this video post, how he does punch recording using a foot switch, giving him control from the microphone.

He is using Presonus Studio One, along with the hardware fader and transport control unit, Presonus Faderport (which you can use with Reaper, BTW) and an M-Audio SP-2 Keyboard Sustain Pedal, which can plug into the back of the Faderport. With this, he can stop and start his DAW and punch in and out remotely.

Check out the video below:

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  1. For some reason, I cannot get the Faderport to function in that fashion with ProTools 12. It will either go immediately into “record” when I hit the footswitch, or will only start/stop. Am I missing something?

    1. Hi Jim. I am using Reaper for my DAW of choice, so I can’t answer that with any confidence. But the author of this article – Joe Gilder – can. You can reach him through his contact page here:

      Sorry about that.

      Good luck with it. IF you find your answer, it would be awesome if you posted back:).



  2. that “s the main reason why I waited over 15 years to even consider recording with a computer I am just starting now ..again, after many attempts in learning how to think with other people brain..and the punch in issue is still there.I wont let go of my 32 track digital recorder and loop station.

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